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The true case I present is a modern day variant, of the days of Noah’s Ark, affecting Canada and globally.  Supported by authentic evidence (including from Toronto Canada), it is the top issue humanity faces, affecting: lives, sustainability, agriculture and economies.


In the 4000 plus year old story of Noah's Ark, GOD sent a Great Flood to kill human life. Today, the archeological remains of Noah's Ark is situated on Mt Ararat Turkey. However the evidence I am presenting shows supernatural interventions including atmospheric interventions, and wildfire. The Acts of GOD are directly connected to calamities and war in response to violation of moral law. What we are seeing on news headlines is a continual ratcheting up from GOD. This case goes beyond the limits of climate change science and political conflict. It has a defined end. All this is prophetically mapping to evidence and news headlines. But what are GOD's objections? Is there a resolution path? What is it? The answers to these questions are presented in this case.

Below is evidence, references and answers to these questions.  I am interested in having this case aired. If you are able to help with this or have questions, please reach out to me.



  1. JUSTIN TRUDEAU’s image formed supernaturally in a  massive CDN wildfire inferno. Photo Jun 9, 2023  Globe & Mail article. Trudeau’s abortion stance vs GOD’s moral law. Evidence was shown & given  to 2 liberal MPs and Environment MP constituency office.

  2. “HOLY SEE AC” text contained in  WILDFIRE AND SUPERCELL 


  1. HURRICANES: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Association satellite images of hurricanes, supernaturallly contain the name JESUS


  1. Above North Toronto, January 3, 2022, a 2-3 sq km authentic supernatural intervention revealing the Great Tribulation, depicting GOD unleash natural threats and summoning nuclear conflict. Corroborating with scripture text from over 800 years ago.. 


1. Evidence posted

  • Jan 3, 2022 Vision formed over North Toronto 

  • Evidence “synod”

  • Justin Trudeau and text “HOLY SEE AC” appears in 2023 CDN Inferno. Globe And Mail Jun 9, 2023 

  • Evidence Noah’s Ark Mt Ararat Turkey 

  • Additional Evidence: Available On Request


2. Trudeau On Abortion -


4. A grim report about climate change in Ontario was kept quiet for 8 months


  • Infrastructure; food and agriculture; people and communities; natural resources, ecosystems and the environment; business and the economy. 


5. YouTube Clip History Channel: Saint Malachy’s Horrifying Biblical Apocalypse | Countdown to Armageddon. Main Points | Episode

  • The startling accuracy of Malachy Morgair (St. Malachy). 

  • Malachy saw 112 Popes up until the tribulation time.  Pope Francis is 112th 

  • “A biblical apocalypse that he predicted, would occur in our time” - about Malachy Morgair’s prediction - host

  • “Our time may be running out” - host


6. YouTube Clip History Channel: Horrifying Visions Of The Book Of Revelation | Countdown to Armageddon | Episode


7. Since 1960 all Popes have known about the tribulation and threat of nuclear war brought on by GOD as punishment for sin. 

  • Strongly corroborating with Jan 3, 2022 atmospheric phenomena over North Toronto,, is the Roman Catholic Church’s  official publication  of a 1917 preeminent Marian prophecy/event, called The Message of Fatima. It is also known as the 3rd Secret of Fatima. The startling accuracy of the prophecy  is playing out on news headlines, through a ratchet up of calamities and war.

  • I have compiled a body of knowledge on my website.


8. Jan 3, 2022 atmospherically formed message GOD commands for a televised service as a show of love to GOD. This request has some similarity to Pope John Paul II’s led consecration service in 1984, in which he was fulfilling a request from Our Lady Of Fatima.

9. Available on request. Doctors letters after looking at evidence including: Dr David Tannenbaum  Vice Chair at  U of T Family and Community Medicine. Eye Dr Olga Savitska

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