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  1. Revelation images

    1. Depict harm to Christ

    2. GOD is warning of chastisement.

    3. Statement Of Issues

  2. Solution to recede GOD's warning of nuclear and climate chastisement

    1. Obedience and love of GOD will make him happy​

    2. Seek guidance from GOD for his decisions as an act of obedience using evidence based discernment.



Christ is depicted in 2 revelations being injured: by blades impaling him,  and a sharp instrument cutting his face open. What stronger statement, than a response of nuclear and climate chastisement? Bringing happiness to GOD is the solution to recede chastisement. Chastisement is GOD's response to violation of his commandments. GOD is challenging existence, in order to command for all Priests love him, not just some.


Remember Noah's Ark? Is this a form of "déjà vu"?  GOD determined flesh had corrupted its ways upon the earth. A Priest shared his perspective on Noah's Ark,"As if God were saying, let's try this again since they gotten it all wrong!". " It is clear, however, that the destruction came in response to immoral behaviour". - Priest

These revelations will test your understanding and commitment to the 1st commandment to love GOD. Given daily secular life, vocational life and operating policies, some people feel apprehensive to support the submission to an Ecclesial Authority, according to revelations norms of the Dicastery of the Congregation On Doctrine Of Faith. Thereby denying GOD's voice (his revelations). This not what GOD wants. If you adhere to the 1st Commandment to love GOD, know your responsibility is to side with GOD, be a shepherd of GOD's revelations. Help take them forward and widely communicate them.


  1. Understand that GOD is sending these revelation warnings to offer his mercy by receding chastisement, on the condition that all Priests love him, not just some.  Show love and obedience to GOD. Live and breath, GOD's Greatest Commandment. In particular, those Priests with behaviour against CHRIST, GOD wants them to  amend their lives. The window of opportunity is limited given GOD's chastisement revelation. Priests failing to show love to GOD, will not recede his warning of Chastisement.​ GOD wants conversion of Priests to love him, because some have lived their life with immoral acts. Their actions may not be directed at CHRIST, but ultimately are against CHRIST. Violence and conflict are not the solution. Admitting one needs help, seeking support and  communicating are important.  If the support doesn't exist, this needs to be looked into to.

  2. Be respectful of GOD's revelations. They are his messages. Understand that there is a direct correlation between the Third Secret of Fatima and  the relationship to GOD's revelations images I show on this website.

  3. Acknowledge and stop harm against to Christ: Loss of Faith, Closing of Churches, Stop immoral acts by some Priests such as child abuse, abortion, eucharistic sin and acts against CHRIST.  Rebuild given the reputational harm to CHRIST and  to the Roman Catholic Church.

  4. Take the revelations forward to an Ecclesial Authority to serve his duties to assess, and seek intervention of the Pope. This can and should be done in communion with a Pastor. This is the process.  If the Pastor doesn't help, try again or go direct.

  5. Strengthen vocational gating through use of improved discernment tooling.  Therefore enable GOD to choose.

  6. Learn  discernment to help deepen your communication and relationship with GOD. This includes Priests, but also laity. Teach discernment to help others in their journey of faith and devotion.

  7. Enable GOD to lead by his adjudication and guidance, by way of evidenced based, improved discernment tooling having safety mechanisms. GOD adjudicating means  decisive matters of the Roman Catholic Church are the authority of GOD.  For example Pope Francis at one point concluded that changing the rules to allow for married Roman Catholic priests was indiscernible. However, through Advance Discernment, Pope Francis and other clergy would have a tool that for discerning GOD'S WILL on the matter

  8. GOD commanded a wide distribution of his revelation using streamed video, tv,  internet, email and relationships. This is ultimately to communicate his revelations for conversion, devotion and love for GOD,  among some in the Priesthood, laity or others. Conversion  can include helping your family, your children and other relationships whether new or existing. Relationships must be based on trust, knowledge, care, patience and being an example by modelling this behaviour. This is key to helping people in their journey of faith. 

  9. GOD wants conversions, devotion and love for GOD.

  10. Repentance, Penance Reconciliation and Reparations to victims and GOD for behaviour of some Priests.


I humbly submit the revelation images and the following points to an assessment based on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church through the roles and responsibilites as defined by the Congregation of The Sacred Doctrine of Faith on revelations norms. GOD's revelations that are presented, are the result of advance discernment.



Addressing GOD's objections is key to reducing threat of chastisement. GOD is offering his love and opportunity to receive his mercy, by strengthen vocational gating, and enriching his relationship with Priests through his guidance. GOD wants advance discernment (evidence based) used by Priests. The revelation images from GOD serve as evidence of this form of discernment.


Candidates applying to the Roman Catholic Priesthood can be guided using advance discernment, enabling GOD to chose his candidate through an evidence based discernment process. This will result in a more selective candidate discernment process.


  1. Love For GOD. Putting GOD 1st in one's life above all else.

  2. For serving the WILL of GOD and the greater good.

  3. Imparting the knowledge of advance discernment, with a commitment to the highest standards of practice. All by peaceful means with the genuine objective of receiving guidance from GOD in a logistically consistent approach to discernment, with the ultimate goal of deepening one's relationship with GOD, and for purposes of using his guidance for matters related to serving GOD, matters related to one's religious vocation, to matters of faith or matters GOD deems appropriate to respond to.

  4. Improved discernment safety using more ways to discern.

  5. Combining discernment methods is complementary and much safer

Evidence Based  + Scripture + Event Based + Intellect Based + 

Fact Based + Current Events +  Historic Events +  

Other Knowledge +  Level Of Devotion + Prayer + Guidance Asked Of GOD

Multi User Evaluation  + Multi Factor Evaluation (Context, timing, etc...a list of factors)

  1. Enriching pockets is not acceptable or viable objective. Therefore proceeds will be focused on charity and operationally sustaining this ministry 

  2. Development and training is required, but not everyone may see supernatural messages. Some will see better than others.

  3. If and when GOD responds in discernment is up to GOD.


Compare Discernment Results

  • Discernment of spirits (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) using an events, signs, visuals or locutions. Discernment of Spirits is taught for example in University, through books and through religious education.

  • Visual Discernment through scripture based means aided by video capture and software. The revelation images are examples of: Ezekiel 1:19-20John 16:13-14Exodus 13:21

  • If possible repeat visual discernment

  • Comparing discernment results



  • Health Sciences Based

  • Visual Information Processing. Ability To See Revelation Images

  • Character skills as a vocational aid for any vocation.


Discerning Multiple Variables

  • Look for GOD's communication signature

  • The supernatural nature of a visual revelation. For example it's appearance, the means, the size, timing, content, context, etc

  • Quantity - GOD can send a series of communications for a subject matter

  • Alignment with scripture or scripture based case comparison

  • Context, who is involved, root cause, rationale/purpose, information/facts, background, background checking

  • Timing. Is this related to a current matter. When did the response arrive with respect to prayer?

  • Prayer and devotion

  • How does this relate to GOD? Will GOD be glorified? Does this address something that violates GOD's commandments?

  • Discernment Process consistency can be extened to involve multiple discernment participants, reviewers, concurers and approvers.

  • Seeking opinions on discernment result

  • This is a growing list of variables to improve discernment.

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