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Dearest Eminence Pope Francis, World Leaders, President Zelensky, Prime Minister Trudeau, Catholic Leaders,  Eminences (all Cardinals), Excellency Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič, Excellency Bishop Bryan Bayda,  Excellencies (all Nuncios,  Archbishops, Bishops), all Roman Catholic Clergy, Climate Scientists, Christian Scientists, Chiefs (Murray Sinclair, Chief Wilton Littlechild, Chief Randy Ermineskin), Children of the Creator (Almighty Father), Brothers & Sisters in Christ, All Media and News,

I specialize in a form of visual evidence-based discernment that is rooted in scripture and is attributed to 3 charisms that includes discernment, knowledge and prophecy. The Great Warning from GOD  supports a narrative worse than Noah's Ark due to nuclear threat and natural disaster given the earth's population. The main themes driving this narrative: harm to GOD and godlessness. For example: related to change in Roman Catholic Church (Synod On Synodality),  abortion, harm to children and  eucharistic sin  related to abortion.

There is an unprecedented responsibility to do as GOD has commanded 1st and foremost. "ON TV MAKE HOLY SEE AND PRIESTS SHOW LOVE TO ME".  It means to bring the message to TV, to communicate whether you are ordained or not. I am sharing with you a pivotal body of knowledge, having reached a conclusion that the revelation images presented here, are sent from GOD. This necessitated using multiple forms of corroborating evidence and validation. This has been part of an effort to advance discernment safety by yielding more consistent, but also visual responses as evidence.​

Ordained Catholics Treating Revelations Seriously

I humbly submit these revelations to an assessment based on the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church through the roles and responsibilities as defined by the Dicastery of The Doctrine of Faith on revelation norms. 


Pope Benedict stated about revelations, in his 2010 apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini, “A private revelation can introduce new emphases, give rise to new forms of piety, or deepen older ones,” Pope Benedict continued. “It can have a certain prophetic character and can be a valuable aid for better understanding and living the Gospel at a certain time; consequently it should not be treated lightly”. A serious and competent led assessment through the intervention of an Ecclesial Authority and Pope Francis are required. 

While some clergy have genuinely tried to help. Priests are not trained in the forms of supernatural discernment I am sharing.  Some remain silent or have this sentiment: "This is not something I have the competence, time or the interest to undertake". While another Priest advised there are too many false revelations. I would not hold anything against them. We only need clergy to listen, understand, show them the official Roman Catholic protocol to  assess  revelations, and ask for their cooperation. A sincere Thank You to several Priests for your efforts to keep to the spirit of  the Doctrine of Faith Protocol on Revelation Norms, and not ignore the case. Bishop Kasun gave me 1.5 hours of his time to discuss part of my case before directing me to contact an Ecclesial Authority. A Priest and Professor at the University of Toronto helped guide me  theologically, so that I knew it was important to prove the messages are from GOD. A Priest has reviewed and forwarded this case to Cardinal Thomas. With the Cardinal now retired, the case submission unfortunately starts over again.  

What Can You Do?

It is the WILL of GOD, to impel you through his revelation images to take action and support conditions of mercy. Taking action is  made more poignant by a raging war between the Ukraine and Russia, that could break out into a larger more deadly  conflict.


For Catholic laity the answer is found in the words of Archbishop Sheen.

"Who is going to save our Church?

Not our bishops, not our priests and Religious.

It's up to you, the people. You have the minds,

the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your

mission is to see that your priests act like

priests, your bishops act like bishops, and

your Religious act like Religious.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

Doylestown, PA, May 28, 1972


Courage is found in the willingness and sanctifying acts of those impelled to serve GOD's Greatest Commandment, to love him with all your heart, all you mind and  all your soul. This service, requires people to speak up, overcome apprehension, take responsibility to seek the cooperation of  leaders and scientists  to address what GOD has depicted are his objections. 


Because the revelations have appeared in Canada, the support of a Canadian Bishop is required to help submit the case to the Canadian  Apostolic Nunciature, addressed to his Excellency Apostolic Nuncio Ivan Jurkovič  requesting a formal ecclesial revelation assessment.  Commit to help peacefully seek the intervention of  Pope Francis through this path.

GOD has commanded to globally communicate his revelations. Raise social awareness including all levels of clergy, political leaders, climate and christian scientists, media, broadcasting, streaming, documentary, your network. Equally important is to pray to GOD for his help and mercy, and to love him.

With Much Appreciation and Sincerest Regards,

Gerry at  Advance Discernment  Updated December 15, 2023 5:42am GMT

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